Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2 Book By Russell C. Brennan


The new follow up limited edition photo and lyric book by Russell C. Brennan

A Limited Edition of Voyeurs Welcome' Photo/Art/Lyric/Poem book by Multi Platform Artist Russell C. Brennan sold out within 2 weeks of it's release a year or two ago.initial price 20. It has since gone on to become very collectible and if you look on Amazon & Ebay you can see it changing hands for between 150 and 250 each.

Russell's reputation has risen fast since then with Saatchi Art eager to display his artwork online and photo-art exhibitions are being offered around the world and his limited edition canvases have doubled in value over the past year. He just completed his debut month long solo photo/art exhibition in the heart of London's art world 'Mayfair' at Space@50.
To tie in with the exhibition he released a very limited edition book 'Voyeurs Welcome' Vol.2 featuring many photos from the exhibition along with other new work. This too is just 20 and to tie in with the name of the gallery only 50 copies of this edition have been made. It is expected to sell out quickly and rise in value rapidly. (the price includes P&P for the UK with 5 P&p added for outside UK (Please select correct option on paypal below) Also all copies will be signed to make it extra collectible. (paypal take credit cards but should you wish to pay any other way drop us a line at the email below).
Below is also a link to some of Russell's limited edition canvases for sale.

Finally, look our for Russell's debut solo single 'A Day Without Love' out in May. After years of producing over 300 other artists and featuring in other bands where he sometimes did lead vocals he has finally been persuaded to do a solo track due to a trend he set many years ago that is now the current flavour in the music charts.

More info about Russell's other activities are on link below as well

Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2 LTD Edition Book

for any further info email Department-f@live.co.uk

Russell Canvases for sale HERE
More info on Russells activities HERE

Future Legend Records feature many of Russell's music releases including his latest band Psykick Holiday
and many well known tracks he has produced including James Bond related ones.

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