Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin is a contemporary story of a British indie pop star who lives a secret life as an adventurer.

Looking for material for new songs and hooked on adventure, Duke sticks a pin in a map and follows it religiously for a month to have the adventure of a life time, with Florida, Cuba and Mexico making up the colourful backdrop. From danger with a stranger to a poignant love story, to a hidden Hollywood A-list sect, the stories and characters keep on coming and so does he, for he likes to live a very erotic lifestyle and living life on the edge is what it's all about.

The book is like a Russian doll with stories within stories that have many twists and turns. It's full of sharply drawn characters who often have a unique way with words.

It is often told in the first person narrative making it like virtual reality for books.

So, if the title name conjures up a 'Mills and Boon' romantic royal character, sorry to disappoint - this is a novel for those who don't shy away from erotic content and like something a bit more cutting edge and contemporary.

Rumour has it that it may also be based on a true story.

This is the first in the 'Adventures of a Dark Duke' series of fiction books from author and multi platform artist Russell C. Brennan.


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Adventures of a Dark Duke