Over his wide and varied career Russell has done hundreds of interviews on TV,Radio and Press as well as the new Youtube style behind the scenes videos.

2020 has seen many already including a radio interviews with James Whale at Talk London about the new Cult Themes album he produced and his take and how the Brit Awards have gone since he was nominated many years ago for best record producer. Others were on Australian, U.S & Scottish radio shows plus thunderbolt magazine and he just found himself on the front cover of songwriting magazine as the big interview..


Almost like a live concerts he has done some interviews that have attained legendary status. He is always entertaining and informative and also adds some controversy along the way that get the interviews talked about. Such as the nude female singer interview he did before a live session on BBC radio as well as an insight into Sony destroying the music industry, a controversial and humorous Condoms interview with XFM and a Radio One, Capital radio & Channel 4 TV interview about his controversial book ; Music Business Bastards' also a recent one eith Paul Ross (Jonathan Brother) on BBC) and much more.

Another thing that is common is for radio stations to book him for a 10 minute interview and it end up doing a one or two hour show. This is not because he won't shut up but because he has had a long career the D.J's find it fascinating and so decide to clear the decks to build the show around him. Two good examples are below exclusive to this site. The first is an interview he did at Xmas about his Photography/Lyric book 'Voyeurs Welcome' and much more on Croydon Radio England which lasted 1 hour and the 2nd a two hour special done in Hollywood on 'Indies in Motion' a couple of years ago. Both D.J's also said they wished they were even longer.Recent interviews include a 90 minute special with Scottish radio and a insightfull one on ARB radio Birmingham (check out short version on video without music below.


There is one clip from a youtube behind the scenes video about one of his books and another behind the scenes about one of many music releases he produced.

There is a 6 page in-depth interview the magazine Bunbury issue 16 (details of where to get this can be found online).

There is also an indepth interview at Crazy Mind online mag click on link CRAZY MIND INTERVIEW


*Just click on name of show and it wil take you to page with interview on. Then back click to get ere and click on next one."

Recent Australian radio interview

Xmas interview at Croydon

Indies in Motion in Hollywood Los Angeles

90 minute special interview with Scotish radio in september 2017

ARB Brimingham radio recent interview