For the 100th annivesary of The Suffragette movement Russell did some great photo tributes to mark the occasion as he has always been into womens rights. The two below are now availble on LTD edition Canvas but the big news was in Spring 2019 He had a solo Photo-art exibition in Mayfair London for a whole month meaning he has finally arrived as a serious artist of note and that was backed up by his first photo book 'Voyeurs Welcome Vol.1' now changing hands for 15 times its orignal price and many signed limited edition canvases selling & rising in value quickly.

Like a few things in his life Russell has ended up doing some arts by either default or by accident and finding out he wasn't too shabby at it and going on to make a major dent in proceedings. Photography is one strong case in point. It was while married to his pop singer wife 'Eleanor Rigby' who he wrote and produced that he found his knack for photography.
He originally hired a photographer to do some early promo shots. But found himself directing the photographer many times on what to do. He subsequently found out that stylists often did this on photo shoots and even David Bailey did it and got someone else to press the button on the camera once he was established. Unsurprisingly the photographer turned around at one point and said to Russ why don't you take a few shots. So he did and although the key iconic shot was more of a collaboration Russell captured some good shots as well (One of these currently features on the CD 'The Best Of Eleanor Rigby Vol.1' Anniversary album below).

After a few less than flattering shots of Eleanor appeared in the music press by journalists she asked Russell to become her official photography and supply the press. He also took the cover shot for what is now a considered a classic album 'Censorship' and an Iconic poster for it as well. In fact they both did a bit of modelling and they had a copy of the album with them at one shoot and the stylist said the cover shot was reminiscent of David Bailey and did he take it. Russell owned up to taking the photo and was told he should take up photography more seriously but he had more than enough on his plate so didn't go out of his way to do anyone elses photo.

However over the years many people approaching Russ asking who took Eleanor's shots and wanted to hire that person so he kept his hand in and eventually took another iconic shot of Misty Woods (featured below)who was lead singer of his band Box Office Poison at the time. It was featured in many magazines and a was named one of the best photos of the 90's in one book and a variation of it ended up on a CD sleeve.

He kept his hand in on and off but it wasn't until the middle of the first decade of the new millennium that he started to take photography seriously taking many more photos and eventually was signed by Saatchi Art in 2016.
Ever the pioneer and innovator he started pioneering 'Alien Art', which was to make models look more Alien like and also change erotic shots that hadn't quite worked out into Alien Landscapes.
There was one other element, which was just an Alien related concept. Russell and David Bowie were both from Brixton, South London and at one point in the 90's they shared the same management in the New York. Russell was a huge fan, so it was a real honour when David said he really liked the cover versions of his songs Russell had done. They were both Multi-Platform Artists as well and both had written a song with Alien in the title and were both told they had an Alien vibe about them. So when DB died in 2016 Russell was in the middle of a photo session and because David was also an artist/painter he decided rather than do anything musical he would do a photo art tribute to him with his current French Muse. The result was the photo art called 'Stargirl', it represents a Stargirl looking out to take Bowie to a new planet to be creative all over again. It was posted on social media as a tribute and it was very well received. There is a limited editition of this and other photo-art of some exceptional works he did with his muse at link below. at photo art ltd edition canvases.
But for those who can't afford collectible art, Russell had a limited edition photo and lyric book out called 'Voyeurs Welcome' Hoever that sold out quickly and now fetches as much as a canvas but the good news is a Vol2 is just released an affordeble to but feturing many of his anew photos. as his best lyrics and award winning poem.

If you want to investigate the canvases and limited edition photos there is a link below But this is only a small selection of his work.
There is also a link to the book below.

Photo Art ltd edition canvases

Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2

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