Although Russell C. Brennan (aka R. C. Writer & Russell Writer) features on many websites but this one is the definitive in-depth one about him as an established Multi-Platform Artist.
He is very unique and there can't be too many multi platform artists whose output is worth more now that when it was originally released including records, books & artwork/photos. He is also someone who is still relevent on a weekly basis. in May 2020 he just featured on the front cover of Songwriter International magazine, had rave reviews about recent music release he produced and just had the follow up to his Amazon top 100 retro trivia quiz book (Memories Are Made of This) released. To learn more about different parts of Russell's career click on links at foot of page. You will find many things to see and hear as well as the occasional free gift.

2019 was an extremely busy year for Russell. He had a very big solo photo-art exhibition in Mayfair, London (the heart of the art world). Photos or artwork of his also appeared on 10 music release and 2 book covers. His previous photo/lyric book 'Voyeurs Welcome' sold out the previous year and started changing hands for 15 times its' original price. Vol.2 was released recently and you can get one via link below.

Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2 LTD Edition Book

He also returned to music in a big way with no less than 8 singles written or produced by him and ended the year with a special one for the homeless 'Backstreet Boulevard'. He also produced a CD album of 15 tracks CULT THEMES FOREVER (the last in the series of 'cult themes' albums) that helped make him famous as a record producer. This proved a catalyst for some of the artists featured to get record deals & media attention. Full details at Future Legend Records website.

He wrote and released an anniversary limited edition issue of a fanzine he was also famous for, 'DEDICATED FOLLOWER' (Copies of the original series still feature in the Victoria and Albert Museum after it was featured in a big exhibition there) And 2020 will see it return as a regular zine. A book of his 'Memories are Made of This' (The ultimate retro pop quiz) hit the Amazon Top 100 for the second year running in paperback.(link below to Amazon). He also returned to directing with an animated music special for TV 'Harlequin & Pierrot' (A Musical Tale) that got aired extensively.

Link to book at Amazon

2020 has most definitely seen him hit the ground running. First out was an environmental anthem he wrote and produced, 'Don't Shut Your Mouth' that was starting to get noticed on the album 'Forever Pop Noir' by his band, Psykick Holiday. It is now out as a single on download. (video for it below)

Two more singles produced by him followed that, one, Strip Show, a follow up release by ex Box Office Poison singer, Mouse's to her highly successful single 'All the Young Girls Love Alice'. But perhaps the most exciting release is the single 'The Long Drop' by Glenda Collins out on Itunes. This is because he co produced it with his producer idol Joe Meek from beyond the grave (Yes you heard that right : Full fascinating story a Future Legend Records website press release page)

Two most exciting releases to look forward to this year are a brand new 'Psykick Holiday' album and a new Ministry of Ska single and a special duet with his muse Maiko.(after their popular duet on The bod thene The world is not enough (On Cult Themes Forever album) So please check back or ask to be put on the mailing list via email address at bottom of the page.

That's the news for now. More in-depth information on the various page links at the bottom of the page.

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